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Background image is a full size shot showcasing most of the shop and the items that can be found inside.

Who We Are

Pictured is Sherrie Phillips, owner of Wondrous Works Gift Shop. Sherrie has short gray hair, is wearing glasses, and is smiling warmly.

Sherrie Phillips, owner of Wondrous Works Gift Shop, is an Arlington native and longtime

business owner in Downtown Arlington. Sherrie took over the family businesses,

Phillips Furniture and Wondrous Works in Wood, almost 20 years ago.

In 2015 she opened Wondrous Works Gift Shop. Having a gift shop that carries vintage items and

unique gifts had been a lifelong dream. Now that dream is a thriving part of downtown.

Stop in to see the great variety of items that Sherrie has curated through auctions, estate sales,

international travel, and her personal collection. While you are in downtown, make sure to support other great

small businesses and take advantage of all that Arlington has to offer!            


— Name, Title

Pictured is a small desk with a hutch above it. The drawer is open showcasing a picture frame, scarves and ceramics. On top of the hutch portion are various vases and ceramic items. Below the desk on the floor are a variety of brown pottery pieces.

I visited this gift shop for the first time last month and was delighted to have found a new place to shop for unique gifts. The shop is full of one of a kind and handmade items. If you’re looking for something different or vintage, make sure and check it out! Support small businesses when you can!

-Emily, Gift Shop Customer

An are of the shop is pictured showcasing art and a white framed mirror on the wall, a round wood table featuring Lenox pieces and a variety of other items. There is also a small open light blue cabinet featuring a mix of vintage items. On the floor are tall wooden candle holders and a shelf featuring blue and white cup and saucer sets.

This was the exact item I wanted. It’s perfect! My mom had and used this tool for years. It was a wedding gift from 1954. Now I have one for myself and to pass on to my daughter.

-Amy, Online Customer

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