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This is an antique horned cow skull.

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A green and white Asian inspired round plate with ornate gold and floral accents.
A variety of mid-century modern cups and mugs are showcased.
A section of the shop featuring jewelry displayed on the wall in fabric inside frames without glass so that customers can access them. There is also a table with more stands holding necklaces. On either side is a chair. One is holding ceramic plated and decorative items and the other is a white wicker rocking chair displaying scarves.

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Image says: By Shopping Local, You are: Creating jobs, keeping money in the local economy, investing in entrepreneurship, nurturing a sense of community, supporting the environment by reducing waste and conserving energy.
A blue cabinet with an open section in the middle and a drawer below it that is open. There are a variety of vintage items displayed on the top including a knife block, a paper lamp, ceramic candleholders, a vase, a jar with a dog on it, and a blue and white plate. on the open section of the cabinet there are even more items including decorative boxed, turtle figurines, and Winnie the Pooh plates and mugs. In the open drawer there is antique silverware and some serving pieces. On the floor beneath the cabinet are some clear vases, a ceramic decorative basket and a large glass bowl.
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